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Seattle homes have many wonderful features and finding the right fit for buyers is always a struggle with the market being short of inventory. So when more homes become available for sale, it is always a plus for buyers and their agents. While building more housing to accommodate our growing population is a constant in our town, Seattle is actual heading back in time a bit. Fort Lawton is selling the former military homes that have resided in Discovery Park, adding a new interesting element to the housing market. These 26 homes are 100+ years old but the interior’s have been completed updated. This is what is so wonderful about Seattle, we are always mixing the old with the new and creating something magical.

Live in Discovery Park

Is Seattle becoming the new San Francisco

As the tech boom takes off all over our city, many Seattleites are worried that our town may become a one-note city. The Tech Industry has grown so expansively in such a short amount of time, due to Amazon’s hearty techie growth, amongst other things, that many wonder if many of the things that make Seattle so wonderful and diverse, such as¬†the artists, musicians, and teachers will be pushed out of Seattle soon. As more people are relocating to Seattle, which will result in higher demands for apts, condos, and homes, sellers hold a very powerful hand. And since the Tech Industries in Seattle pay their workers an above average salary, they can handle the cost of living and an affordable home for themselves. But can the rest of us? Read the article below as it gives many comparisons between Seattle and San Francisco and whether being the NEW tech city is good for us, good for just SOME of us, or becoming a parody.

Seattle, in Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul

Tips for single female home buyers

When I read this article, it SPOKE to me!  Some of my favorite clients have been single women buying homes.  A couple decades ago, this article would not have been written.  A single woman buying her own home without the assistance of her parents or ex-husband was not common.  But as women dominate the work force and are making decent money, especially in the Seattle area, single ladies are really looking to own their own space and put down their roots whether it is with a partner or not.  Actually, single women out number single men buying homes, almost by double (women 16% vs men 8%)  Again, even a decade ago this trend would not be occurring!  Looks like our female nesting skills are much more prevalent and persuasive than previously expected.  Way to go gals!

Three Tips for single female home buyers

Remodeling…it’s the newest thing, but different

There is a surge in the remodeling market.¬†During the recession, people were just doing enough, but now that the economy is coming back, people are electing to do what will help sell their home or bringing a¬†new luxury into their homes.¬† If you are considering remodeling, it wouldn’t hurt to give the Seattle Time’s article a look.¬† It breaks things down in a way that shows how this increase in remodeling is a bit different from the remodeling past.


What $450,000 can buy you around Puget Sound?

With the market in Seattle continuing to be very hot, $450,000 doesn’t buy what it use to just a few years ago.¬† The good news is that $450,000 can still buy you a very nice home/townhome in certain neighborhoods in Seattle, with West Seattle being one of them.¬† I just listed a great townhouse for $275,000, a wonderful home for $350,000 and yet another home in a great area of West Seattle for $425,000.¬† So don’t be discouraged that homes/townhomes/condos may be out of your reach at $450,000 or you may have to compromise on what you find appealing.¬† As in most cities, it just depends where you are looking.

What $450,000 can buy you around Puget Sound

12 Tips for Spring Homebuying in a Seller’s Market

It certainly seems to be a seller’s market in my neck of the woods. Most of my listings has gone for a significant amount more than asking price and with multiple bids, waived inspections (or pre-inspections) and cash offers. Going with the flow of a Seller’s markets mean you have to be prepared and ready to move….with action.¬† I’ve attached an article that gives some good advice on how to better prepare yourself if you are looking to buy in a market that is highly competitive. Either way, good luck! The good news is that it always seems to work out for most people….sometimes you just have to be a little patient.
12 tips for homebuying in a sellers market

Ideas to take to your agent if you are a buyer

Since the buyer’s market has been so difficult to penetrate in the way that most buyer’s prefer (get the home they want, acceptance of the asking price, no other offers, etc), here is a blog written by one of my mentor’s Denise Lones who has some suggestions that could be given to your agent if you are desperate to buy and feel like every thing is standing still. The biggest thing to note: DON”T GIVE UP! Inventory is not stagnant and is always moving so just be patient and with these few tips, maybe you can get what you want a little faster than before

Low Inventory and What You Can Do About It

New Real Estate Trends for 2015

We have seen a lot of fluctuation in the real estate market in the past few years.¬† Record number foreclosures, dropping interest rates, foreign investors in top end homes, and recently not enough inventory for the buyers out there.¬† It has been a seller’s market for some time.¬† Well, according to experts, the trend is going to shift.¬† Due to the number of baby boomers wanting to downsize, and foreign investors slowing up their purchases due to increased tax rates in certain countries, the market will favor the Gen Yers who want to start families and find stability.¬† It is predicted by the end of 2015 the market will finally favor the buyers.¬† For more information on what to expect, check out the article below.¬† It is nice to see everyone in the market getting a chance at being a homeowner.

What Real Estate Trends to Expect From 2015

Can giving up the small things get you into a house quicker?

Found this article and thought it was interesting in a whimsical sort of way.¬† Many of us scraping by, living in a rental, believe it may be FOREVER before we could ever gather enough money to put a down payment on a house.¬† But can the money be gathered more quickly if we gave up the small things that we enjoy day in and day out?¬† Good question to ponder…AND see if it is realistic, and worth it,¬†to cut back our small pleasures in order to buy your first home.

5 Reasons You May Not Be Able To Afford A New House

Living Space…feeling alive in the area you call home

When people buy homes, part of the desire seems to be the bigger the better or more bang for your buck. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to sell larger homes to people that want them. But I also like to sell homes to people who are content with the space they want to settle into. Sometimes bigger is not better. Sometimes cozy and minimal accessories is what feels best. Sometimes it is about what you do with your living space and how YOU make it HOME! Sometimes it is about the community you build outside your home that is also part of your home. Not everyone’s dream is to live in a 3000+ square foot home and be consumed with chores. It is also not everyone’s dream to live in a 84 square foot home. Which is what inspired me to write this blog…
It seems almost incomprehensible that so little space can really be a “home” and yet for one woman it is. A health scare caused a woman to drastically change the way in which she lives. She wanted to live life and the way she wanted to live had a direct result on where she landed. So the moral to this story is…when looking at buying a home, make sure it is where you want to land and LIVE, not just about what you think MIGHT make you happy.
84 sq feet and 305 possessions