Is Seattle becoming the new San Francisco

As the tech boom takes off all over our city, many Seattleites are worried that our town may become a one-note city. The Tech Industry has grown so expansively in such a short amount of time, due to Amazon’s hearty techie growth, amongst other things, that many wonder if many of the things that make Seattle so wonderful and diverse, such as the artists, musicians, and teachers will be pushed out of Seattle soon. As more people are relocating to Seattle, which will result in higher demands for apts, condos, and homes, sellers hold a very powerful hand. And since the Tech Industries in Seattle pay their workers an above average salary, they can handle the cost of living and an affordable home for themselves. But can the rest of us? Read the article below as it gives many comparisons between Seattle and San Francisco and whether being the NEW tech city is good for us, good for just SOME of us, or becoming a parody.

Seattle, in Midst of Tech Boom, Tries to Keep Its Soul