Living Space…feeling alive in the area you call home

When people buy homes, part of the desire seems to be the bigger the better or more bang for your buck. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to sell larger homes to people that want them. But I also like to sell homes to people who are content with the space they want to settle into. Sometimes bigger is not better. Sometimes cozy and minimal accessories is what feels best. Sometimes it is about what you do with your living space and how YOU make it HOME! Sometimes it is about the community you build outside your home that is also part of your home. Not everyone’s dream is to live in a 3000+ square foot home and be consumed with chores. It is also not everyone’s dream to live in a 84 square foot home. Which is what inspired me to write this blog…
It seems almost incomprehensible that so little space can really be a “home” and yet for one woman it is. A health scare caused a woman to drastically change the way in which she lives. She wanted to live life and the way she wanted to live had a direct result on where she landed. So the moral to this story is…when looking at buying a home, make sure it is where you want to land and LIVE, not just about what you think MIGHT make you happy.
84 sq feet and 305 possessions