Tips for unmarried couples buying a home together

As generations change, so do the times.¬† Living with and buying a home with a partner is not longer viewed as anything but practical.¬† Why have double the rent?¬† Why throw money away when you can invest it in something for your future with your some ONE of your future?¬† Even if the relationship doesn’t work out, the equity in the home will always remain a constant.¬† The article below offers some very sound advice to consider when buying a home with someone other than your spouse.¬† It is hard to think that anything bad can or will transpire…right?¬† Because this is a joyous beginning!¬† But the reality is that break ups occur all the time and it is really very smart to make sure you and your partner have a safe guard in place in case the relationship doesn’t last as long as the home you bought together does.¬† Hopefully, as many relationships eventually do, the joining or your lives in your new home will encourage the joining of your lives in martial bliss.¬† If this is not your thing, then just consider how you can protect your invested interest for the long haul.

First comes love, then comes a house

City Festivals

West Seattle is hosting the yearly SummerFest on July 11th – 13th and it is truly a time that our community comes together to appreciate and value the people and values of West Seattle. It is a fair that offers a small town feel to an ever-growing community of interesting people and beautiful surroundings. One of the reasons I love this festival is that my office always does something engaging to give back to the community. It is a time that makes me proud to be working with my neighbors and investing in their lives. Plus, to be honest, SummerFest is just a wonderful time! So I guess I am just trying to say that to remember the importance of supporting your hometown gatherings and see them as more than just a source of income for our town but, rather, a homage to our “village” of West Seattle that I just LOVE!

When bidding $100,000 over asking price isn’t enough

This is a great article to give awareness to the public of what is currently happening in our real estate market.  This is exactly the same scenario I encountered recently with a distinctive craftsman home in North Admiral AND these same agents were also the listing agents.  My client went about $125K over asking price and still didn’t get the property, EVEN with all the other bells and whistles we put in the contract (waived inspection, high earnest money, pay up to $50k additional if property doesn’t appraise, and even included having an artist commissioned to create a portrait of the home for them to take with them as a keepsake)….and we still came in 2nd! The listing agents Kevin and Joe work in my office and I think they are fabulous and are a wonderful representation of what our profession can provide to homeowners in this type of market.  I would like to give them a shout out for doing such a great job on keeping their client’s best interest at heart and providing expert consult.  Dealing with multiple offers, whether you are a buyer or a seller, can be very stressful and complicated.  To have a experienced, seasoned agent is really crucial when working in this type of market.

When bidding over listing price is no longer enough

First time homeowners ~ Regrets they later have

Many of us may remember our first home…or maybe we are still in it (I know I am still in mine).¬† But when you are looking for your FIRST home, it seems to¬†carry with it¬†the same emotional baggage that we have with most of our “firsts” (loves, cars, animals, child, etc).¬† We find reasons why they are SOOOO perfect for us and fail to see the flaws that may exist.¬† Buying your “first” home is not any different.¬† You may notice a few things you might want to change, in a perfect world, but figure as we all do, that we can change them later or make do with it the way it is because we are SOOOO happy to be a homeowner!!!!

But what happens when the infatuation wears off and we no longer find that cute nook in the kitchen not so¬†functional and that ADORABLE single bathroom that we lovingly share¬† is now getting to be just a little too crowded?¬† These are the perfectly normal reactions to most people’s first homes.¬† We go in with blinders on, in a way.¬† That is why for most of us it is our first home…right? But sometimes we really need to think with our heads and not our hearts or our impatience.¬† We need to realize that only having one parking spot may infringe people from visiting or the layout out of the home no longer works for a family of three.¬† Sometimes we just need to be a little more aware when going into this exciting and magical time and see what is really important to you in a home and what you can live with for only a short time.

Rookie Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Can Make

Kids DO hold the power

If you are like me, my kids dictate a lot of changes and order that occurs in the house.  If they have recitals, sports practice, band practice, girl scouts, etc, we are jumping to get them to their next appointment and rearranging our schedules to accommodate their lives.  While this is a natural part of parenting, many individuals I know still think they yield all the decision making powers.  While we do when it comes to discipline and guidance, our children and their well-being usually end up being forefront in our minds when it comes to major decisions in our lives.  As a result of this, they DO hold the underlying power in the family.

Buying a house is not any different.¬† Studies have shown that we buy or stay in homes in big part because of our kids…good neighborhoods, close to friends, parks, good schools, sidewalks….the list goes on and on.¬† Is this a bad thing?¬† Of course not!¬† We are thinking of our little dumplings (sometime demons) and our deep desire to bestow upon them all we can to enrich and expand their lives.¬† Giving our children a safe and stable home environment is one of the largest concerns parents have when it comes to having kids.¬† So it should be of no surprise that parents buy homes with their kids in mind when securing the family hosue.¬†¬† Check out the article below.¬† It makes sense…

Your kids decide when you buy a home

Seattle Market Review (May 2014)

Attached is some fascinating information about Seattle as a whole, such as it is the #2 city in the US for pets, the best city for recent grads, lots of statistics on market/unemployment growth, and information on all the growing business enterprises.

I’m a native Texan but I consider Seattle my home.¬† I have developed my career here.¬† I¬†am raising my children here.¬† My parents and brothers moved here to be closer to me.¬† I love Seattle and all the diverse and interesting elements that make up our city.¬† And because of this, I love passing on information that gives you a holistic view of Seattle and all its entities. ¬†Since I am a real estate agent, I have included one small excerpt from the complete Seattle Market Review that discusses the housing market in Seattle.

Seattle is 6th fastest moving housing market in the US according to Trulia:  A lot of recent statistics have suggested a slow housing market based on the drop in the number of houses sold.  Trulia has drawn a different conclusion by looking at how long houses remain on the market.  Looking at the speed with which homes were sold,  you can come to a very different conclusion.  As of mid-April, for example, only 43 percent of homes in Seattle were still for sale after being on the market for more than two months, down from 49 percent a year ago.  (source:, April 24, 2014)

So check out the Seattle Market Review for May 2014 and continue to see how amazing and diverse Seattle truly is!

Providing help during a break-up

This is a topic that speaks close to my heart having gone through a divorce myself a couple years ago.  I can relate to not only having a long term relationship with your spouse/partner end, but also the relationship with your home being jeopardized as well.  And having two portions of your life becoming unstable at approximately the same time needs to be handled with delicacy and compassion.  Finding an real estate broker who can be sensitive to your needs may help a difficult situation be just a little more tolerable.  The following article discusses the perils one may face with their housing when a relationship ends.

Providing Help During A Break-Up, Realtor Magazine